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SUST has the perfect service team, provide you the service always.

1、Set up specialized agency-customer service department

          The company set up specialized agency-customer service department which have responsible for receiving complaints and customer service request.It can arrange service personnel in accordance with the service control program and related working instruction quality implementation services content to ensure that customers receive quality service.

2、Service supervision means methods

          In order to guarantee the quality of service, realize management of service and supervision in two lines,wo set up "customer feedback" page where the customers can evaluate our service quality.

3、Perfect service network team
   With the development of the company and gradual expansion of the market,wo have set up professional network service team in order to allow customers to enjoy more timely service.Wo are now the testing machine manufacturer who process the most service office.Through this speeds up the service response speed, improve the efficiency of the service.

4、Service corrective& preventive measures

        Customer service department count the statistical data about the problems appeared in the process of service monthly, quarterly.